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Profile: The Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce (IPCC)

The Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce (IPCC) was established in October 2008 as a non-profit NGO by leading Israeli buisness people and economic organizations, who seek to enhance bilateral trade and investments between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This ground-breaking initiative not only promotes business opportunities and commerce, just like any other bi-national chamber of commerce, but also creates strong business and social networks as well as mutual trust between the two peoples.

The IPCC is a vital tool that advances cooperation through dialogue both in the private and public sectors. The Chamber faciliates close government and private sector contacts on the economic, legal and commercial facets in order to remove barriers to trade. Furthermore, the IPCC  provides its members with current information about the Palestinian economy and business opportunities in the West Bank.

On May 18, 2009, the IPCC celebrated its launching in a high profile Gala Dinner. This  event assembled Israeli government ministers and foreign ambassadors, as well as business leaders from the Palestian Authority.  The Right HonorableTony Blair, the Quartet envoy to the Middle East, was the keynote speaker. 

Since this inaugural dinner, the IPCC held business-to-business meetings for Israeli and Palestinian companies, participated in a unique conference to boost trade between Israel and the Arab world and forged strong relationships with the Israeli and Palestinian business communities.

Economic inter-depandance has always been a way to create stable and mutually beneficially relations among nations. As the first of its kind, and as the only Israeli-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the IPCC is a cornerstone for the beginning of economic stabilty and a means to peaceful relations between Israelis and Palestinians.