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Mr. Gadi Zohar

Board Member


Gadi Zohar graduated from a B.A. in Middle Eat Studies and Geography in the Tel Aviv University. He further graduated from the Academy for Senior Field Officers and other military and Intelligence courses.

Gadi spent a long 30 years-career of active duty within the Israeli Defense Forces, Intelligence Corps and General Staff. He became the Personal aide to the General Chief of Staff of the IDF during the Yom Kippur War (1973). As well, the Commander of an elite intelligence unit, the Founder of the new Terrorism Research Department with the IMI (Israel Military Intelligence) and, finally, the Head of the Civil Administration in the West Bank and Senior Representative of Israel to the peace talks with the Palestinian (Gaza-Jericho Agreement). Indeed, his expertise was mostly obtained from his experience in strategic and tactical negotiations during the Peace negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians. Finally he made his retirement in 1995 as a Brigadier General.

Later he became the Co-founder and Managing Director of NETACS (Security) Ltd, until 2012, when he became a self employed Security and Defence Consultant, until present.

An important advantage that permitted him to become and expert of the above-mentioned fields and take part in the Peace talks with the Palestinians, is his skill in the relevant languages, namely, Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Gadi Zohar, one of the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member, is currently married + 3. 

Gadi Zohar