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Dov Sedaka

Board member

DovSedakaBrigadier General (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – career officer and commander of Elite Commando and Intelligence Units. Dov is a manager of wide-scale military and civil authorities of various natures.

He headed the Civil Administration for the West Bank and has extensive hands-on managerial and command experience of over 35 years, spanning a wide range of disciplines and systems. Dov is of a well-developed sociable nature, with extraordinary communication skills and a unique ability to reach the hearts of people. 

Dov is fluent in the Arabic language and culture, as well as English and French (partial). 

He received his MA from the Manchester University Extension at Kiryat Ono in 2002. He has BA in Arabic Language and Literature and the Islamic Religion from Tel Aviv University, a Diploma of Economics and Management from The Rupin College and a Diploma of Practical Engineering in Industry and Management from Technion Institute for Technology and Science in Haifa.

Dov is married with five children ages 15-42.

Dov Sedaka