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Baruch Mazor

CEO – Israeli Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Baruch Mazor was nominated for CEO of IPCC on Oct. 27th 2013.

Baruch MazorFor the last 8 years, he served as Secretary General of ICC Israel where he was deeply involved in initiating and setting up the JAC- Jerusalem Arbitration Center, together with a group of prominent Palestinian business people from ICC Palestine.

Mazor, born in 1951, holds an M.A. in Political Science / National Security from Haifa University, and a B.A. in Public Administration and Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. He has also graduated from the Senior Management Course on behalf of the Prime Minister's Office.

Mazor served in a variety of positions starting from 1998 in the Civil Service, the senior of which being Deputy Chief of Finance and Budget Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office, a role which includes management, monitoring, supervision and development of an extensive staff with emphasis on professionalism, teamwork and care. In this position, he focused both on maintaining connections and operating different parties in Israel and abroad, including trade and business people, banking and varied government officials, and on the preparation of a budgeted destination oriented work program. He was in charge of managing and operating procurement factors, including technological procurement, handling high technology complex contracts and commitments, examining the economic aspects and conducting negotiations for optimal costs and also in charge of negotiations in complex economic areas, budget and wages issues.

He previously, from 1996 to 1998, served as Planning and Organization Department Director, a role which included managing and guiding an engineering team on planning and organization  and system-wide responsibility for issues and complex projects (planning, coordination, execution and monitoring), focusing on human and budgetary resources.

During his three-years service on behalf of the Foreign Ministry, from 1992, he was sent on a mission to Germany, Mexico and Latin America – as a Cultural and Community Relations Attaché, conducting negotiations and contacts with community leaders on various subjects while developing public relations for achieving goals; leading projects through coordination between professional bodies in Israel and abroad.

After completing his duties in the Prime Minister’s Office, he became the Regional Marketing Director in Degem systems, Israel. Then, as Manager Vice President of Human Resources, in a communications Infrastructure Company he managed all the administrative, coordinative and logistical aspects of the group's activities.

In 2002 he was appointed International Shipping Fleet Director in Comverse – a multi-national company with an annual production volume of US$ 800 million, a role which included management of coordination teams, supervision and supplying a variety of company products for most of the company's customers worldwide.

Prior to that, in 2001, he served as Gilat Mexico CEO by managing a comprehensive communications project (US$ 20 million).

Finally, since 2002 Mazor is the owner of a private consulting and business development company, serving international companies, providing management services.

Mazor is a resident of Hod Hasharon, married + three.


Baruch Mazor