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Avi Nudelman

Board Member

Avi NudelmanLt. Col (ret) Avi Nudelman has an extensive career in Palestinian and security relations. His army service spans over 25 years of experience leading and acting as a head liaison for the IDF with Palestinians and Jordanians. Following five years and several positions in the Civil Administration in the West Bank, Avi spent a few years in intelligence forces with the IDF.

In 1998, Avi served as the head of the security coordination office (D.C.O) in the Ramallah district, and later the head of the liaison for the Palestinian security apparatus in the West Bank. 


From 2003-2006, Avi served in the Strategic Division in the I.D.F as the head of the Palestinian branch and from 2006- 2010 as the head of the military liaison office with the Jordanian army. In April 2010, Avi retired from the Army and began working as the CEO of Israeli – Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance bilateral trade and commercial relations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Avi Nudelman