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June 2015 – “Israelis and Palestinians Doing Business”

In June a guidebook called “Israelis and Palestinians Doing Business” was published and financed by the Peres Center for Peace and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

The booklet discusses all of the aspects that one needs to understand when entering business with Palestinians and trade relations with the Palestinian Authority. It points out the trade benefits that result from such relations as well as beneficial Palestinian industry sectors. The booklet addresses the culture involved in carrying out Palestinian business as well as ways of arbitration in the case of a dispute.

It demonstrates the ways in which Israelis can transfer goods to the Palestinian authority and the possible methods to carry out payments and deal with banks on both sides. The Chamber was very much involved in the production of the guidebook. In the chapter referring to the IPCC, it is written that the Chamber promotes business opportunities and cooperation through dialogue in both private and public aspects.

The IPCC provides its members in Israel with information on economic and business opportunities with the Palestinian Authority. It also helps organize joint business meetings that contribute to building trust between the two nations.  To the electronic addition click here