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Foreign Minister of Belgium

In December, the Foreign Minister of Belgium was set to arrive in Israel and to attend a business meeting with Palestinian and Israeli businessmen to present background information about the business activities with the Palestinian Authority. Chairman David Simcha was involved in the preparation of the meeting as well as the outlining of the agenda to be discussed. Unfortunately, due to political reasons, the Foreign Minister had to cancel his visit and the meeting did not take place. 


Collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

The IPCC is delighted to be continuing its collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya. The Chamber currently has its second intern from the IDC Lauder School of Government. Together, CEO Baruch Mazor, the Head of the International Undergraduate Program in Government, Lesley Terris, and the Head of the Internship Program, Ori Barzel, discussed the position of the intern as well as possible courses and lectures to take place on campus regarding trade and economy between Israelis and Palestinians.


Collaboration with the European Union

The Chamber was recently involved in a bidding for a project in collaboration with the European Union. This project regarded education on high-tech business and the connection between the Israeli and Palestinian high-tech industries. This marks the second time that the IPCC has participated in this bidding. The IPCC presented together with the PosiTeam (an Israeli group that deals with high-tech management, education, and preparation of SMEs in the Palestinian high-tech industry), an idea that was a build-up of managerial qualities between new Palestinian start-ups and the establishment of business connections with Israeli high-tech companies. The idea would have Israeli companies give the Palestinian high-tech workers a piece of the software to produce in order to help create the overall product and to ultimately promote cooperation. This would allow the Palestinians to learn how to be a part of a bigger picture. While the EU did not select the IPCC’s proposal, the idea to create cooperation through the high-tech industry was received very positively.


Israeli Palestinian Cooperation in Medical Services

The IPCC has been working on an ongoing project referred to as the Israeli Palestinian Cooperation in Medical Services. The idea of the project is to establish clinics in areas that overlap Palestinian and Israeli land. Israelis have a wide knowledge regarding certain medical services that are lacking and very much needed in the Palestinian Authority. The clinics will be owned privately and will provide medical service to both Israelis and Palestinians. The services that are necessary include eye specialists, tests throughout a pregnancy, imaging services, lab services, and any other services that prove necessary.  The locations that the project is in contact with include the northern Dead Sea area near Jericho, the border of Ariel and Zalfit, as well as the Industrial Area of Kfar Saba near Qalqiliya. The first project that is already on its way is in Ariel, where there has been authorization by the mayor and CEO of the city. Overall, the project has received positive feedback from both sides and receives the support of the Israeli Civil Administration.