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Collaboration with Meir Hospital 

The IPCC, in collaboration with the Meir Hospital, is working on a project to advance Palestinian medicine in the field of gynecology and pathologies of embryos. On March 31, 2016 around 5-10 Palestinian doctors will undergo an advanced course under Professor Roni Tepper and Doctor Garel with the help and support of Paz Tuval, the Head of the Life Science Committee in the IPCC, to further their education in these subjects.


IPCC as Point of Contact

The Chamber has been able to reach the goal of being a point of contact to different organizations that need support, explanations, and direction when trying to do business with the Palestinians. The IPCC received in the last few months dozens of requests from different companies, some of which the Chamber was able to help directly, and some of which it directed to someone else who could be of assistance. This remains a core activity of the IPCC.