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Israeli Arabs Looking for High-tech Success in 'Start-up Nation'

Israel’s Arab minority is seeking its share of high-tech success in a “startup nation," a quest that has already turned Jesus’ boyhood town of Nazareth into an incubator for innovation.

But scarce funding, long-entrenched discrimination and the disadvantage, in Israel, of not serving in its military are all obstacles the Arab community faces in breaking new ground.

Over the past decade about 7,000 tech companies have been founded in Israel, where high-tech goods and services account for 12.5% of gross domestic product.

Only 30 Arab-led tech firms, however, the majority of them insoftware, are generating revenue, according to Israel’s Economy Ministry.

For example, SolidRun makes small cube-shaped computers sold through distributors in Europe and Australia and throughout the world over the Internet.


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